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The support from our members is what makes all of this possible. From providing free groceries to offering living wages to all employees, the community has helped us build a truly sustainable business model.

Member Impact

Your contribution helps us build a sustainable, community driven, social enterprise.

Higher wages/Locally hired

Your support allows us to pay a living wage, not minimum wage, and help people afford to live where they work.

Previously Incarcerated

Everyone deserves another shot at life. Your support allows us to help previously incarcerated folks get jobs and learn transferable skills.

Workforce Development

When you invest in us, we can invest in the community. Our Cafe Academy workforce development program, prepares local hires for a career in the Restaurant & Hospitality Industry.

Socially Conscious Enterprise

We didn’t do this to get rich. We didn’t do this to become famous. We did this to fight the inequality that has plagued South Central and so many other communities like us. All of your contributions allow us to provide LIVING wages to our brown and black community, provide workforce development, and even hire the previously incarcerated that society rarely gives a second chance to.


All of our members are directly responsible for helping to launch all of our programming. With our member support, we’ve been able to provide for the food insecure, buy back South Central, and host many different programs that support the development and growth of our community.

Community Owned

Everything we do, we do as a collaboration with our community. Yes, you’ll get little gifts and content with your membership, but what you really get is the ability to be a part of something transformational, a new type of entrepreneurship that empowers our community.

For the People, By the People.